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Residence in Ekali B

Residence in Ekali B

Three-dimesnionality and transparency are the main architectural features of this residence in Ekali, a suburban area of Athens, which were expected to be highlighted through a consistent lighting scheme. Light comes from the inside of the building setting its nighttime image and rendering clearly the void and full parts of the shell. Functional lighting for the exterior is limited only to the sitting areas and is given by halogen downlights that follow the axis of the lighting fittings from the inside reinforcing the flow of the interior space to the outside. The pitched double-curved roof that extends to the floor is highlighted and separated from the rest of the structure by lighting it up from its base with buried uplights. Their medium to narrow beams follow the curves of the roof and frame the house. Respectively for the general lighting of the atrium at the inside, the roof acts as a reflective surface for the dimmable indirect lighting wall lights that are placed in a row at the corridor of the first level.

Client: Tania Kostala, Manolis Fthenakis
Architects: ArTA | Architect Thanos Athanasopoulos
Structural Engineers: Michael Athanasopoulos, A. Karagiorgos
Lighting consultant: DKAL (Dimitra Kamba Architectural Lighting)
Photographs: H. Louizidis
Location: Ekali, Athens, Greece
Project Year: 2010


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