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?he Hub ?vents

The Hub Events

The former 5,000 sqm factory Palco, of the well known T- shirt and underwear manufacturer, left unused since the late 80s, transforms into a multipurpose building that will house cultural and residential uses. Our office was commissioned to design the lighting at THE HUB, the new cultural space, placed at the ground and 1st floor of this building. The industrial complex is strategically placed between the up-coming Gazi and the classic Thission, in the core of the new artistic and leisure centre of Athens. A breath of new life will be given by hosting happenings, art exhibitions, installations and video projections. The new design uncovers the past of the building which is a characteristic sample of the industrial architecture of the 30s. The demanding functional program called for a flexible lighting solution which will cover all the possible scenarios, taking place. ? mixed system of halogen and fluorescent lighting was proposed in combination with professional event projectors mounted on aluminum trusses. The geometric forms of luminaires incorporate into the busy ceiling structure or they stand out in prominent points, such as stairs and the reception area. Linear led cove lighting was installed at the interior to provided a colored ambience or enhance the corporal identity of a company event.

Architecture: IF-Untitled Architects
Development: THE HUB EVENTS
Lighting Design: DKAL (Dimitra Kamba Architectural Lighting)
Sound Design: Sound & Acoustics G. Efthimiatos
Mechanical: INSTA S.A.
Photographer: Menelaos Myrillas (03, 04, 11, 12)
Address: Alkminis 5, Kato Petralona.
Size: 1500 ??
Date: 2010

1.10. 2010 - The Hub Events-Opening-Vol.1 Props, Events and Encounters

1.11.2011 - Pecha-Cucha @ The Hub Events

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