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According to an agreed fee we deliver full lighting design services consisting of the stages below:

Survey of existing conditions, understanding of the future conditions, and potential budget is important to start establishing design goals.
Concept design
The image and function of light in space is presented through sketches, digital image processing and 3d renderings, considering practical, functional and sustainability issues.
Design Development
At this stage drawings like plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations and construction detail drawings are produced. Final lighting calculations where lighting standards need to be followed and detailed design of the electrical layout by electrical engineer are provided. A complete schedule of the technical specifications of luminaires, lamps and control systems is prepared.
Cost estimating
Final costs of lighting equipment and custom made structures.
Construction administration
We are working close with the team of the client at every stage of the design and construction to find the best solutions. Sampling of lighting fittings and mock ups at scale 1:1 is possible to be done when needed. Finally, organization of delivery of the lighting material is ensures meeting the schedules.

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